Consulting With a Criminal Defense Lawyer

How important is the initial consultation with a criminal defense attorney? Considering the extreme consequences you may face if you are not properly represented, it would be safe to say the consultation session is of critical importance. Some might not think a consultation is important as long as they are hiring a high-profile attorney to [...]

Business Blog Consulting: Which Types Of Companies Can Benefit From It?

If you’re planning on opening a business of your own and would like to get your company’s brand on top of mind of your potential customers, consider setting up your own blog. Businesses hire a business blog consulting firm, not only to help promote their company, but also to boost their reach and promote the [...]

Facilitator Training to Improve Your Consulting Skills

When most people think of a facilitator they envision a person who specializes in conducting meetings that help teams reach a solution and/or work through issues that may be preventing productivity. The leadership skills and management techniques that these professionals receive-typically through facilitator training courses-are not just beneficial to their chosen profession. In fact, facilitator [...]

How Can A Literary Consultant Support Your Project?

Writing isn’t, for most authors, a full-time job. Book projects tend to be lumpy and tend to leave quite a lot of free time in between. Consequently, many writers, including many good ones, offer their literary skills on a consultancy basis. If you have a literary project you want help with, retaining a consultant may [...]

Making Sense Out Of Supply Chain Management Consulting

The current economic reality we are dealing with is forcing businesses to become more cost-effective. Looking at the cost of production for either a product or service is very important aside from governmental influences. Reaching out for supply chain management consulting will be a very important step in truly understanding the costs associated with getting [...]